Intrusion Alarm Systems

Using the latest technologies, our commercial intrusion systems assure your business is correctly monitored for security and safety day and night.

Camtek designs, installs, and maintains your custom system specifically for your unique requirements. Our combination of proven technologies work within an integrated network providing the most flexibility in perimeter and intrusion solutions.

Once your system is installed, interacting with and monitoring your system is easily managed from a LAN/WAN, mobile devices or remote location providing you 24/7 assurance your system is properly protecting your business facility. Camtek continues to stand behind you providing support for both you and your system making sure you are not alone when it comes to making sure your assets are protected.

Benefits of Camtek

  • Unify monitoring, alarm, digital recorders and notifications into an integrated network
  • Remote management from mobile devices
  • Arm/Disarm and grant access to your facility
  • Protect employees and customers with lock-down and panic buttons
  • Grant temporary access or control rights to users
  • View live video with integrated intrusion detection
  • Protect employees and customers with lock-down and panic buttons
  • Customize access to functions and areas based on user's authority level
  • Secure your business 24/7, whether employees are present or not
  • Integrate security with access control
  • Custom solutions using the appropriate technology for each facility
  • Access real time security and systems status
  • A full spectrum of monitoring and reporting tools to oversee facility access, HVAC, lighting and other systems

Interested in learning more about Intrusion Security System Solutions?

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