Intercom and Timekeeping

Flexible integration is the key to engineering the most comprehensive and sophisticated communication system. Camtek is able to design the optimum system to meet your facilities communication requirements. The use of IP technology allows Camtek the versatility to pinpoint the requirements of a single facility, campus, or entire district and series of remote locations.

This versatility maximizes your investment capabilities by utilizing your existing infrastructure and equipment, or if desired, building a new system from scratch. Our engineered system, as all of our systems, is built on the most current technology continuing to integrate and grow with your organization.

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Utilize two-way hands free audio and video communication for areas such as a classroom, entry location or secure area. Unlike phone-based systems, programmable call switches provide multiple priority levels sequencing the highest priority calls first. Single touch point capabilities ensures a rapid response in times of urgency.



Programmable paging enables staff or emergency services personnel to transmit information to the exact locations where it is needed. The ability to selectively page specific locations during evacuation procedures results in an orderly response to instructions.


Time Keeping

Master Clock provides management and programming of multiple schedules, zones and events providing variations of time tone signaling of class changes, lunches and other events. Synchronize all clocks in the facility in step with tones for events by zone. Provide the most flexibility by synchronizing both analog and digital clock technologies to best serve the organization.


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