Access Control

With seamless integration, Camtek provides Access Control and Management Solutions interlinked with leading security technology providing the utmost in facility security.

A comprehensive Access Control solution provides information and authority for better management of business security generating more efficient results in protecting staff and property along with streamlining security responsibilities.

Starting with a scalable system, Camtek designs, installs, maintains, and upgrades customized standalone or networked solutions for small, mid-size or enterprise-class organizations that grow with your business requirements.

As a business owner or manager, do you really know who is accessing your building? Keyless Access Control mitigates risk management and the expense for lost or unauthorized duplication of keys providing controlled access to public and secure areas within a single building or campus environment. Lost or stolen access cards can be removed from the system and the card immediately becomes inactive preventing unauthorized persons from using the card to enter your facility.

Authorized personnel are able to remotely administer and control access to multiple facilities providing a centralized command and control for emergency situations or performing standard tasks.

How we can help

Maximize your benefits with the following system functions. Use some or all to meet your current needs creating the foundation of an integrated system capable of growing along with your organization. Don't see what your looking for - please contact us for help. We can find a solution.

Access Control Managing Building And Location Entry And Exit

Secure and control all entry and exit points at a number of access levels. Camtek designs systems that accommodate all reader technologies, operate locally or remotely, provide system wide anti-pass-back, and incorporate biometric verification.

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Alarm Monitoring To Identify And Control System Activities

Monitor intrusion and other user defined alarm points. Program system to notify police or security forces. Arm and disarm by time schedule, card or PIN, or software command from the keyboard.

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Visitor Management Controls Who, When, And Where Access Occurs

Gives you total control in verifying, screening, and badging visitors for a single lobby or an entire campus. Comprehensive solutions available for government agencies, healthcare care organizations, multi-tenant buildings, and companies of all sizes.

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Video Verification Provides Real Time Visual Identification

Allows an operator to call up a digital image of an individual for direct comparison to a live image.

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Photo Imaging & Badge Visual Identification

A photo-ID system for storing images digitally in the computer and printing directly on graphics quality cards.

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Elevator Control Providing Restricted Access To Specific Floors

Control elevators individually or by various authorization levels activated by a card or the operator. Public floors or daytime access is allowed by time schedule without the need for cards or PIN codes. After-hours access can be controlled by card, PIN, or time schedules.

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Building Management Optimizing Facility Operations

In addition to security functions, facility functions can be controlled, such as, building lighting based on time or conditions, HVAC by occupancy or time and authorize the use of office machines and monitor temperatures, water leaks, air conditioning failures, and other environmental alarms.

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Reports To Analyze Access Activities

Create customizable reports for direct viewing or printing of alarm activity, door activity, who's in roll call reports, all operator actions and changes to databases.

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Time and Attendance For Analyzing Personnel Activities

Report attendance of personnel in the facility and number of hours worked.

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Graphics Visual Identification Of All Access And Alarm Points

Floor plan graphics show the real-time status of all doors and alarm points and their locations within a facility.

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Import / Export Data To/From Company Databases

Import or export data to and from existing human resource or security databases.

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NVR / CCTV Record And Control

Cameras respond to valid or invalid access attempts, alarms and other events. Cameras can be directly controlled by the operator. Live or recorded video can be viewed on the computer screen, or spot monitors.

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Have an existing system? Camtek can easily and economically retrofit to any existing system using virtually any existing cards, readers, and wiring.