Mass Notification Systems

In any crisis, your most valuable resource is communication. Mass Notification Systems become an essential means of broadcasting immediate alerts campus wide for any emergency that is imminent or in progress providing instructions on how to respond. Camtek designs solutions for District Wide Paging on a flexible and comprehensive platform for Educational and Campus Environments. Knowing how to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis is critical to ensure the safety of school staff and students.

How we can help

  • Custom Designed Solutions
  • IP Network Protocol
  • Broadcast to One or Multiple Facilities
  • Customized Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Integration with Existing P.A. System
  • Campus and District Wide Paging
  • Prerecorded Messaging for Planned or Live Response
  • Geographical Facility and District Location Mapping
  • Monitored P.A. System and Network Connections
  • Anywhere, Anytime in Real Time Device Messaging

Interested in learning more about Mass Notification Systems?

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